Reuben Egolf – The Power of Leading by Love Creates a National Atmosphere of Honor

receiving certificate

In a conversation recently with Amb. Dr. Clyde Rivers, he made a statement that stuck with me ever since. He said “love is better than political solutions.” The truth of that statement cannot be overstated. Love exceeds law and produces what policies can’t.

If I love my neighbor I will not

  • commit adultery with his wife
  • steal from his home
  • destroy his property
  • spread lies about him

My neighbor being a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, or any other religious affiliation does not determine whether I demonstrate love. It does not discriminate on the basis of skin color or ethnicity. That’s the power of love – it is no respecter of persons. If I truly love I will demonstrate it to the one who lacks character and becomes a criminal. In other words, love is not a vigilante but gives the law its due process. Love holds people accountable for their actions, but yields to the authority of the law to determine the punishment, and not to the rash emotional upheaval created by the moment.

Policies, laws, and legislation, cannot keep a person from stealing, cheating, lying, and the list becomes endless, but love can! As important as having laws and policies is, the instilling of values and honor into the next generation insures longevity of our society.

Love also has another component called honor. It esteems and values others more than one’s self. It yields to others and doesn’t always need it’s own way to be satisfied. Where love is demonstrated, an atmosphere of honor will flourish. Divisions, warring factions, strife, and civil unrest, dissipates in a culture filled with honor.

As leaders, let’s always choose the high road of love! Leadership is being an example to a nation. People follow and imitate an example. When love and honor are in the presidential palace, it eventually finds its way to every house.

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