Exposing a Problem but Offering no Solution is not a Plan

Reuben Egolf receiving the Distinguished Leadership Award from Amb. Dr. Clyde Rivers for Burundi and Dr. Brian Williams VP of ICN ichangenations
Reuben Egolf receiving the Distinguished Leadership Award from Amb. Dr. Clyde Rivers for Burundi (Pres. of I ChangeNations (ICN) and the Golden Rule Initiative along w/ Dr. Brian Williams VP of ICN and owner of BC Market Solutions.


As a leader, how do I successfully expose a problem and change it? Don’t expose a problem unless you can offer a solution.

Taking a snapshot of a problem and parading it as a platform with no solution offered, is merely partisan politics creating a talking-point with no solution. Championing the opposition’s flaws or failed policies and no cure is offered by me – then I have no right to speak till I present a better way. Always speaking about the problems and making a platform out of speaking ill of the opposition actually gives power to failed policies and the person who perpetuates it. Speaking about something empowers it. Give voice to the proposal(s) you have and you empower it while speaking less and less on what’s failing let’s it die with no influence. Photograph the problem and show a photograph produced by vision of what it can look like. Presenting the picture of conditions produced by the proposed solution stimulates hope that the present distress caused by failed policies can change. Now, you as a leader have taken charge of the debate and given yourself a right to be heard.

Present a choice: I can protect what is an be presently comfortable kicking the can down the road filled with inevitable pain – like a soda can that builds pressure eventually exploding.
Or, I can deal with it now creating immediate pain of change in the present but creating a future filled with possibilities having something to building on that is solid.

Launching pads don’t change but that which launches from it is always changing. The foundation if solid can handle the changing methods in reaching the beyond. NASA has launched many different types of rockets and shuttles form it’s launching pads. Those pads are made of the same materials throughout the years and have never changed, but the space crafts leaving them have. This is the importance of a principled foundation within every leader. Be flexible when it comes to creating things to match the changing environments and times but never change the principles on the inside pad of your soul. This means you can be diverse in constructing a better future for people but remaining tethered to principles that wont allow you to be swept away in compromising currents violating integrity.

This is what I call “Principled Centered Leadership – leading at the speed of NOW!”


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