Be Known for being a Creator

Dr. Reuben Egolf at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library.
Dr. Reuben Egolf at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library.

Sometimes we can become imbalanced in our approach to governing and leading. There is a tendency to establish a platform saturated with what we are against but little about what we are for. The vision of leadership is predicated on what one is for, creating something in the future. It provides a goal to be attained and a purpose to concentrate our energies towards. Instead of concentrating all your efforts on cutting down the jungle, choose to find a desert and irrigate it. in other words,be a creator not a destroyer.

When I am known only for what I am against then I am an abolitionist. However, my vision is only filled with the absence of something but nothing to take its place. It is a defensive posture but not an offensive posture. Defensive stances do not lead they merely maintain. This truly is not leadership but management. A manager does not create or lead but maintains the status quo and defends the present existence. Things need managed but people need led! That demands vision, hope, and a creative mind filled with courage.

I have speaking recently on this concept connected to an illustration. Years ago practically every household in America had the rotary phone. You literally had to spin the dial to call someone. I find it interesting that today you would be hard pressed to find one in an American home today. This got me wondering how they went out of existence. Did someone go on an abolishing rotary phone campaign and seek to remove them? No, but what really happened was someone created a cell phone which was mobile and more versatile. No one had to abolish rotary phones because something was created that was better and it naturally made the old phone obsolete. If the cell phone creators would have simply went on campaigns of abolishing rotary phones but didn’t create something new and better then not only would we have lost the old phones but we would have ended up digressing technologically instead of progressing.

These same principles need implemented in our governing and leadership style today to be more effective.

Remember, our legacy is our choice. Let’s be known for what we created and leave the world a better place!

“Treat others the way you want to be treated”

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