Golden Rule DC


Golden Rule DC will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC/U.S. Capitol1225 First Street NE. From 5:00-6:00pm will be a time of welcome and meet and greet with Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments. 6:00pm is the official start of the event with video presentation, Dr. Egolf opening with welcome followed by the keynote speaker of the evening Amb. Dr. Clyde Rivers (founder and president of iChangeNations).

This will be an event that celebrates the equal value of all people and recognizing those who are establishing a culture of honor through the ethical lens of the Golden Rule. We believe that through education and practice that this peace policy can and will work where there is the resolve to implement it. The Golden Rule is already in principle contained in the 30 Articles of Human Rights in the United Nations Charter, and have been agreed upon by 193 nations. It is found in 9 major religions of the world. This means we have the support of 193 nations, 9 major religions, and the ruling body of the United Nations. Let’s put it into our educational systems, civic programs, business and leadership construction.

Below is an article I wrote earlier this year that speaks of the human value of every 7 billion people on this planet.


Location Never Determines the Value of Gold!

Whether gold is found in Ghana, Sierra Leone, or the United States, its value remains the same. It’s location does not determine its value. Humanity has inestimable worth regardless of geographical location and/or national existence. All of the human race is made up of particles of gold equal in value and deserving of honor and a protected life.

Hidden in each individual is potential waiting to be released as contribution to its society, culture, and nation. That potential is dependent on access to education, equal opportunity, and a culture of honor to create an atmosphere for it to flourish. When nations suppress human potential of its citizens by restricting freedoms and denying access to good education, they are impeding the progress of their country by imprisoning the potential contained within their people.

Gold does not appear automatically. It must be mined and excavated. Governments must understand their role in protecting their citizen’s freedoms and put forth effort in all areas to insure the golden potential of its people are being mined and processed into contribution.

When human rights are violated, then the potential of another Bill Gates, scientific breakthrough, medical cure, etc., are terminated and the gold of their contribution will forever remained buried beneath the societal earth of that nation.

Let’s have freedom for all people and have respect for each others human rights creating the perpetual cultural atmosphere of honor where everyone can contribute making (our) nation great and giving it a voice in the world.

“Treat others the way you want to be treated”

– Dr. Reuben Egolf


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