Response Determined by Human Value?


If there were two tribes in central Africa committing inexplicable atrocities against each other, and simultaneously two sects of people in central Europe doing the same; would the world respond the same to both situations? Would there be an immediate rush to end the violence and bloodshed? It begs the question, would there be an amassing of resources and financing to invest in the eventual outcome of peace? According to recent history, the truth glares at our lack of equality when it comes to intervening, or lack of, in these situations.

Unfortunately, do the powerhouse nations determine their response on economic rewards, geopolitical advantage, or ethnic background? If this is going on then there is a tiered human value system determined by a people’s economic status and possible perceived contribution to other societies and cultures. Its the same principle if I see a man broke down along the side of the road and he is in an inexpensive car and I drive on by. However I would have stopped if the man would have been in a Mercedes. My response predicated on his economic status.

This inequality in our response should bring shame to our global leaders who turn a blind eye to the genocide and horrible human devastation. Global inaction demands responsibility on those who can but wont intervene.

Eric Reeves said it best concerning Darfur

International failure in responding to genocide in Darfur should be occasion for the deepest shame. Inaction has already cost hundreds of thousands of lives and caused untold human suffering.

We can do better than this! ALL lives matter regardless of skin color, ethnic background, economic status, or geopolitical advantage or disadvantage.

Dr. Reuben Egolf
Vice-President of The Human Rights Global Congress


2 thoughts on “Response Determined by Human Value?

  1. Stunning; piercing! My heart and spirit resonate with this even as my own heart breaks at my own tendencies along this line… how do I “identify” with the person in distress… the Good Samaritan challenge resounds through the ages to we who will hear!… I’ve been reading The Unshakable Kingdom and the Unchanging Person” by E. Stanley Jones — what a book! In it, he wrote that Jesus raised the bar on every standard before His incarnation… example: the Golden Rule that is today accepted as the highest plumb line for moral law…and yet it falls so far short. I was hooked… Jones goes on to say that using ourselves and how we would want others to treat us – this still keeps US at the center, the focus, the mark subject to vacillation and neurosis etc… encouraging our self-protection etc… but the higher bar Jesus left us with is: treat others the way Jesus treats us… deal with others the way Jesus deals with us!… this does not condone or compromise with evil etc, but it goes to the heart, the root, and redemption in every case… at whatever cost to ourselves that may require (not doormattery, but intentional radical agape love)… This thought is being kneaded through my being by Holy Spirit these days — and then I read this precise, precious column of yours. You are writing from the heart of Creator Father God, my friend… it is my prayer that I can and will do the same! Thank you!! Mary


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