Introducing iChangeNations (ICN) and it’s Global Network

iChange Nations™ (ICN) is a professional institutions that equips, mentors and trains highly esteemed individuals who have the desire to change Nations around the World. ICN is the brainchild of Amb. Dr. Clyde Rivers who is a world peace ambassador for the Golden Rule and honorary ambassador for the nation of Burundi. His heart and compassion toward others and unwavering leadership style gives him the ability to embrace all men which has established him as an expert advisor to all nations. His candid knowledge of God and Government and the order of protocol has lead to thousands of hours in documented consulting time with top level officials around the globe.

Dr. Clyde Rivers coined vision is to establish cultures of peace by bringing back the lost art of honor. This  has earned him the respect as a Distinguished Leader among Heads of States, former Presidents, Clergy, Dignitaries and major Universities in almost every continent.


Our mission at ICN is to bring back the lost art of honor, by building a culture that recognizes people throughout the World who has done extraordinary accomplishments that validates the humanitarian efforts to effectively change Nations. The Golden Rule is touted as the guiding ethic and is established as the platform for all discourse concerning conflicts of all proportions. This evidenced based solution is used in lessening the current tensions and provides a singular place of agreement to begin dialogue leading to peace and development.

The mission is simple. The Golden Rule as the guiding ethic of life and lens through which every decision is filtered to create a culture of honor where human potential can flourish.

The Golden Rule Initiative is an established World Peace Policy backed by the United Nations in New York and the African Union. The Golden Rule Initiative is recognized in over 130 countries and continues to grow as other Nations participate in Human Rights Development and Peace. The Golden Rule International is affiliated with the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative Organization at the Department of Public Information of the United Nations and African Union and is a member of the United Religious Initiative with special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

ICN celebrates the equal value of all people and recognizes those who are establishing a culture of honor through the ethical lens of the Golden Rule. We believe that through education and practice that this peace policy can and will work where there is the resolve to implement it. The Golden Rule is already in principle contained in the 30 Articles of Human Rights in the United Nations Charter, and have been agreed upon by 193 nations. It is found in 9 major religions of the world. This means we have the support of 193 nations, 9 major religions, and the ruling body of the United Nations. The goal of ICN is to implement this into our educational systems, civic programs, business and leadership construction worldwide.

Our growing Elite Global Network is our greatest asset of individuals who can implement conflict resolutions and policies to all Nations, Governments, and Communities throughout the World.

iChangeNations have Golden Rule Events held throughout the world. During these prestigious events; the Honorable Dr. Clyde Rivers speaks on the Golden Rule,  human equality and value, ethical diplomacy and peace development. The Golden Rule recipients have been nominated by qualified individuals and properly vetted to insure prestige of this coveted award. The purpose of these awards are twofold: to spotlight the achievement of one exercising the Golden Rule ethic in their relationships and to encourage and stimulate participation by others in producing a culture of honor.  Recipients share this award with presidents, first ladies, global leaders, economic leaders and innovators, but they also share it with the person who supplies soup to the homeless, provides support for the ill, and one who inconveniences themselves for the betterment of another.

We hope to see you soon

Amb. Dr. Clyde Rivers – President & Founder of ICN

Dr. Brian Williams – Vice President of ICN and Global Operations

Dr. Reuben Egolf – Vice President of Human Rights Global Congress & ICN Liaison to Capitol Hill Washington DC

2 thoughts on “Introducing iChangeNations (ICN) and it’s Global Network

  1. Dr Rivér mi nombre es Nestor Recinos soy licenciado en psicología de la república de El Salvador y doctor LUTUSA.
    Ahora vivo en California
    Y dígame como poder tramitar o solicitar el ser por atador en mi andar llevando su linda misión y visión a muchas personas que lo necesitan aquí.


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