Purpose of the Golden Rule Initiative

The purpose of the Golden Rule Initiative is to recognize the importance of working together on a global platform and hearing everyone’s view point concerning issues around the world with civil dialogue and discourse. The Golden Rule becomes the new global ethic which decisions are filtered through.  Teaching the Golden Rule as a peace policy will create harmony, open meaningful dialog, and instill respect towards others.

Implementing this in the educational systems will reroute the thinking and mindset which ultimately produces a culture of honor where peace and innovation can flourish.

The Golden Rule is a global solution to the nation-building process as it protects the country’s greatest asset…. its people. This moral protective shield allows potential to flourish and will saturate a society with an environment conducive for wealth in all areas to grow.

Fish seem to be the dumbest creatures – they can’t walk, talk, use their hands, can’t fly…. But when I put it in the water it swims better than any other creature on earth and their genius emerges. When you put someone in the right environment there is no end to the possibilities. No swimmer beats a fish.

A return to honor and respect will create a culture that stimulates growth in all areas because peace will blanket the relationships. Even national development doesn’t happen without peace. No peace – no development. A nation slides downward when honor and respect evaporates out of its moral fabric.

Dr. Reuben Egolf

Leading Nations



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