Burundi an Emerging Success

The United States Global Leadership Council represented by it’s Chairman Reuben Egolf and Vice-President Everett Hershey had the privilege of visiting Burundi in how they could successfully co-labor in building infrastructures. One of the members of the USGLC, Andrea Sabino, CEO of Vernon Capitol made the trip also to help create opportunities for exports.

We had read the reports and news that Burundi was unstable and violence was a norm. NOTHING could have been further from the truth. Amb. Albert Nasasagare, chief protocol officer and senior advisor to the President took us on a tour of the country, and peace was obvious and the mood of the people were hopeful for their future.

The privilege was ours to be invited to participate in a Community Action Day led by His Excellency, President Pierre Nkurunziza. He led by example by picking up a shovel and scooping cement for an assembly line of people passing it to its destination. The Burundian people are taking responsibility for the nation and determining their own destiny.

Burundi is building and now is the time for investors and corporations to take a serious look at this emerging market of growth.

Any questions you can visit our website or contact our office in Washington DC.

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United States Global Leadership Council

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