What Can I Do in these Times

A man was walking through a supermarket with a screaming baby in the shopping cart. A woman nearby noticed that time and again the man would calmly say: “Keep calm, Albert. Keep calm, Albert. Finally, in admiration for the man’s patience as the child continued to wail, the woman walked up to him and said: “Sir, I must commend you for your patience with baby Albert.” To which the man replied, “Madam, I am Albert!”

In these times of confinement I am sure we all can relate in principle in our attempts to keep from going stir crazy. Reminding ourselves to remain calm and find productive things to do.

What are some things we can do and good advice?

Limit the time of news consumption. The need of keeping up with virus updates is being responsible but too much can paralyze us with fear.

Using the time to really build our family relationships that may have fractured or drifted to autopilot due to the busyness of life. Getting to know each other all over again can deepen our stability for the present obstacles including future issues.

It’s easy to fall into the eat more exercise less due to virus house arrest but become intentional and set aside time to invest in the body’s health. Invest time in creating a better diet plan that aids in the exercise program.

Let’s pray for one another every day and do our part in taking precautions. Together we will overcome this mountain and become stronger than ever before.


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