It Takes Work

I arrived in Penn Station in New York via train and walked to the escalators that lead out of the station to the street. Approaching, I noticed the escalators were jammed packed and people waiting to get on them.

However, there were a set of wide steps in the middle of them and possibly two people using them. Far from crowded.

I chose the stairs and made it to the top much quicker than those standing in line. I wondered why more didn’t take the stairs. The escalator is crowded but easier, slower, and less effort.

Taking the stairs means more effort, less dependent, and an enduring commitment.

The lesson is you can cruise slowly, making little effort OR you can make your way to the top by doing the work that very few others are willing to do, standing out from the rest.


2 thoughts on “It Takes Work

  1. Great observation! I’m thinking of two things, maybe three. One: people become so conditioned to one way of doing things that they don’t “see” the workable alternative, two: some may be in pain or otherwise limited, encumbered, for the trek, and three: Shock and normalcy bias…unbelieving that the logjam is anything more than an opportunity to catch their breath or think a thought – that it will clear somehow, “in a minute.” 🤦🏼‍♀️
    A healthy person with someplace to go – you’d think would opt for the stairs! Your doing so may have turned a light on for a few😍👍🏽


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