Reevaluation of Educational Models

Speaking HRGC

It has been said “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live it’s whole life believing it is stupid.” Herein lies a problem with judging others by our own personal standards, abilities, and gifting. In doing so, it is an attempt at cloning people after our image making ourselves the center of our world including everyone else. How tragic when potential is not released, abilities enhanced, and possibilities not explored because of not accepting or condemning another based upon a personal standard that we can only live up to. Automatically it makes us feel perfect and creates a critical lens to filter everyone through. That perspective belittles, discriminates, and sees no future for others, ultimately not perceiving the value of the individual.

Cookie cutter educational models prime only a few to live a maximized life of contribution to their nation. I will give you an example that I know personally. “Tom” is a young man who does poorly in school and depends on extra teaching to make it. He becomes frustrated and at times acts out that frustration creating problems in school. However, he has amazing skills in seeing something before it’s made and then crafting it to become what he had seen in his mind. Tom can do things with his hands creating, building, and forming things that would astound you because of his age. The school system says he is a failure and  will never amount to anything. Yet, what if he has inventions, architectural wonders, or some new practical convenient way of doing things inside him? Will the educational system succeed in making his mind believe he is stupid? If he truly believes he is stupid will that not hinder his attempt at exploring and unlocking the potential inside him? The educational system has judged him based on his ability to climb a tree, but failed to recognize his God-given ability to do things they have never dreamed. All that needs to happen for Tom is change his environment from the land to the sea.

Mathematics, literature, history, and other staples of education is necessary but what about recognizing young people’s skill sets and adapting an educational model to enhance their skills to give them a chance at success? I don’t claim to have all the answers, but at least we should begin the discussion because ultimately nations will prosper due to the contribution coming from the forgotten citizens who were deemed unsuccessful tree climbers, when they were proficient swimmers.

One more illustration. We see the players on a football field and the only way to be on this team is if you can play on the field. However, a young man who does not have the skill to play but is proficient in bringing the proper mixture of Gatorade and water to the players is not allowed to be on the team because he cannot catch a ball. What happens in their first game and this young man is not present? The entire team on the field is effected and cannot perform to their fullest potential.

Remember, every life is valuable because they have a God-given contribution to make your nation great!

“Treat others the way you want to be treated”

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