When a Nation Loses People it Loses Possibilities

The following are four news headlines recently on a well-known site.

Migrants locked in stadium on Greek island…
Police use sound bombs as clashes break out…
‘Jungle’ camps in France…
Violent Backlash in Germany as Asylum-Seekers Pour In…

The necessity is clear that developing countries need to become concerned with creating environments conducive for economic growth, social improvements, and improved infrastructures. The countries who are forced to deal with the crushing influx of immigrants seeking a better life is overwhelming their ability to sustain them. Developing nations on the other hand is suffering a death blow by the mass exodus because potential is pouring out of their porous borders like a container with holes. Their greatest asset is not the gold or silver in the ground but the people are their greatest asset.  When you lose people you lose possibilities.

What does it take to turn this stunting trend around for developing nations? We at the Human Rights Global Congress have a solutions based approach in elevating a society’s influence globally and a nations footprint in the world.

Our Nation Building Process begins with the Golden Rule and three simple core values that encompass vision, leadership and development which forms the foundation to spur on human right development and improve the quality of life.


Vision sets the tone as it establishes the primary principle towards Leadership and Solution Based Ideology™. Vision improves the leadership process as it relates to the overall development that creates new growth opportunities.


Leadership is the implementation of the core values set forth by the vision while mainstreaming the development process. Leadership progress the Nation Building Process™ as it embraces to evolve the human based solution.


Development embraces the growth of a Nation as it enhancing the quality of life and the betterment of a Country. Vision with Leadership empowers a Nations as it becomes an integrated part and a global influencer contributing towards the success of human rights development.


Let’s see these 50 nations come to the forefront and become a voice on the world stage.

4 thoughts on “When a Nation Loses People it Loses Possibilities

  1. You have addressed a tough issue, currently dominating the news; in a concise, effective way!! I enjoyed this piece of writing.


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