Leadership Know the Destination but Create the future by their Decisions


Destiny is your experience created by your decisions. Right now was your future a year ago… 10 years ago… 30 years ago. My decisions created my present which was my future – my destiny. I can talk about my future and my hopes and aspirations, but it will remain a pipe-dream if I don’t make decisions to create it. My future will always remain there and fleeting if I never make a decision to make it a reality. Vision should not remain a vision the whole life – it’s a destination to be reached, a goal to be experienced. My wife Laci once said “You won’t see an ending without first seeing the vision, & without taking action, the experience will be dead.”

Leadership not only creates a personal future, but our decisions create the future of others who live under the consequences of our decisions.

Just something to think about today.

– Dr. Reuben Egolf


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