Dr. Reuben Egolf Keynote Speaker at the PAPN Summit


Human Rights Picture
Dr. Egolf – Vice President of the Human Rights Global Congress

The necessity is clear that developing countries need to become concerned with creating environments conducive for economic growth, social improvements, and improved infrastructures. The countries who are forced to deal with the crushing influx of immigrants seeking a better life is overwhelming their ability to sustain them. Developing nations on the other hand is suffering a death blow by the mass exodus because potential is pouring out of their porous borders like a container with holes. Their greatest asset is not the gold or silver in the ground but the people are their greatest asset.  When you lose people you lose possibilities.

What does it take to turn this stunting trend around for developing nations? We at the Human Rights Global Congress have a solutions based approach in elevating a society’s influence globally and a nations footprint in the world.


3 thoughts on “Dr. Reuben Egolf Keynote Speaker at the PAPN Summit

  1. Dear Reuben, I feel like we are fleas on an elephant, seeing our truth but missing its place in the bigger – ever bigger – picture. Are we straightening pictures on the Titanic or stuffing our shirts into the gaping hole in its side? Either approach, while spotting aspects of the situation, will not alter the outcome and may waste precious time. How to fix this? That is the matter for my prayers these days. I’m praying for you! And others like you, who have placement and character to speak and be heard. I’m praying that your understanding will be enhanced by Holy Spirit and your words continue to be laced with grace and fall on hearing ears of those empowered to bring appropriate change. For our planet and for our King.

    M Chico Sent from my phone, which explains a lot



    1. Thank you for your prayers! Much appreciated and desperately needed. I certainly understand the feeling of inadequacy but we know God will provide the wisdom necessary to affect change and be the majority we need.

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  2. Corrie Ten Boom had a saying: Look around and be distressed; look within and be depressed; look above and be at rest. I’m not sure I entirely agree with her whole saying, but I take it in reverse… When I’m feeling distressed/depressed/or at rest, I know what I’ve been focusing on – and have learned to change quickly back to Christ who is our Hope! As long as we are only ‘glancing’ at the problem and gazing at the solution, we can stay on track. I’m glad to know that you are strategically placed. God bless you (I know He does and will).


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