Points to Ponder

Just some quick thoughts today.

Basing my political posture on only what I’m against and attacking my opposition without presenting a creative plan of my own, means that I know how to protect status quo, but have no vision for a future. In other words, people will know what I’m against but not what I’m for. Why protect a mud puddle when you can swim in the ocean of possibilities?

As a leader, my self-worth and value does not come from my lofty position or the amount of power I wield. If it does, I should walk away. This is where abuse of the human race begins and Human Rights are violated. How a leader sees himself will determine how he sees others under him.

When integrity is lost, the bridge of trust will collapse and no more influence is available to the leader. Leadership must know the responsibilities of the position and the consequences of our decisions.

Trust is a bridge that your integrity builds for people to give you access to influence them. Principled character is a leader’s power.

Loyalty is the reward for establishing trust with people. It’s worth keeping one’s integrity.

 – Dr. Reuben Egolf

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

2 thoughts on “Points to Ponder

  1. Dear Dr Egolf,

    I am really blessed with this precious words for leadership. Thank you so much. Have you trained or groomed people in past to become Leaders of Nations?

    Abundant Blessings,

    Dr. Mukumbay.

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    1. Dr. Mukumbay,

      Thank You for your words of encouragement and I am thankful this is a blessing to you.

      I have worked with leadership in West Africa beginning at a ground level and trained through a vetting process we had in place to groom those who had legitimate aspirations. Since then, I have become exposed to our own government in Washington DC and now and expanded global interaction. This Blog is an attempt to set the core values from which leadership represents itself. Not only dealing with the day-to-day decisions of negotiation skills, but the inner working of the person to properly lead with a character solidly rooted in a moral foundation.

      Leadership has always been my heart. I started with nothing in building a house of worship and we are in our second building program. We started with nothing to start a TV Program seen in four states and now it is getting ready to go to another level by the possibility of being seen nationally. Started a a Fellowship that began with 12 members and saw it grow to over 500 in 7 years. ALL praise be to God!! My heart goes to the ones who are starting with nothing but a prayer and a heartfelt desire to see something change for the better. God uses the little, small, insignificant, impossible… and then the anointing comes and startles the mind leaving no other explanation but – It must have been God!

      Dr. Mukumbay, I believe you are going to see something take place in your destiny that will defy the odds and all logic. I truly believe the DR Congo is a land of potential that is meeting its opportunity. Leadership becomes the bridge between the two. When leadership discerns the moment and steps into the position prescribed by the Divine hand – the marriage between potential and opportunity can become one and elevation takes place. I want you to know I am proud of your courage, commitment, and humility to be the fulfillment of this great calling.

      Anything I can do – I am here to be a servant.

      Blessing to you my friend
      Dr. Egolf


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