An American Revolution

What did America say?

They said they were tired of having to pay for other people’s irresponsibility. They were tired of being penalized for being hard-working while others were provided incentives to remain on perpetual assistance. They were tired of the Hollywood elites and political ruling classes ramming values down their throats they don’t believe in. Make no mistake about it, the blue collar worker rose up and said we are tired of you making us work harder and longer to pay for your agendas that do not benefit us all. Our politicians had started down a path of economic enslavement and the working class of America said we are not taking it anymore.

Things like

Benefits without work… enjoying benefits without being a legal taxpayer… unethical medical burdening… political correctness running amok… separate laws for the privileged… loss of freedoms… government expansion… and this list is endless as the causes of the middle class symptoms of political sickness.

Politicians who never had a job or ran a business have little to no appreciation for the hard earned money of another. Their wasteful spending on the frivolous, rewarding of the indolent, and doing the bidding of the special interests was too much for the blue collar worker. This unfair treatment created an angst which motivated the silent majority to the polls to repeal the damaging onslaught and declare a mandate for a better future.  

An illustration when you have “no skin in the game”

If a mother or father gives a nonworking teenager a brand-new car, that son or daughter will not have learned the value of that car. Their treatment of that car will be accompanied with a non-caring attitude because their use of it never required an investment from themselves. Herein lies the problem with many of our career politicians. Many of them (not all but many) have never held a job or operated a business. Their attitude concerning your money is much like a spoiled child who receives everything, but earns nothing. They do not value your tax dollars the same way you do because you have worked and earned it. Much of the problems we are currently facing in our economic debacle can be traced back to politicians who have made it their career. They make decisions based solely on reelection prospects and the promotion of selfish ambition. Pass term limit legislation and we will see a return to ethics and fiscal responsibility. When a person realizes how much hard work is put into growing a business and maintaining its operation, a person would be less inclined to burden small business once they are elected. Taking money by taxation out of the private sector and increasing government does not stimulate growth in the private sector.

Reuben Egolf 

Leading Nations


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