Say What You Mean… Mean What You Say

I can say I’m sorry a hundred times… I love you over and over… but if I do not demonstrate what I am saying, my words mean nothing. Don’t lie to satisfy the person for the MOMENT, because the pain you cause them in their future can last them a LIFETIME.

Speaking truth consistently becomes a soil that produces trust. Once trust is constructed then success is experienced. Words that correspond to action creates a reputation which is a technical term for a good name. A name that is honored is not the result of a magical appearance or a voila moment but the diligence invested by good character.

It’s rewards is a favor that precedes one’s arrival swinging the door of opportunity open wide for access. Consistency is key and worth every sacrifice and effort. It can take a year to build such a powerful influence but seconds to destroy it. Always weigh the immediate gratification to the long-term repercussions of such actions. You will be glad you did.

Reuben Egolf


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