Leading Nations Begin with the Heart

We live in a world that boasts of being civilized, and yet the same cyclical perpetuated problems still cause many nations to implode into the same quagmire that has been present for centuries. Corruption, mismanagement, and runaway debts drapped on the back of irresponsibility, infest our economies and standard of living like a pandemic disease.

The temptation is to throw in the towel and say what will be will be. However, something rises up in many of us and declares things can be different. The fight is worth it, and the efforts of preserving human value never goes out of style.

A leader who governs must first have been governed. If he has never been under authority, and learned the beauty of subjection, then he will abuse power to build self instead of using it to build a nation. A coddled soul, a privileged person, and one who has not yielded to a power above itself, are all ingredients of abusive power. Voters must educate themselves in who is running for office. What kind of person are they… their track record… agenda… and never forget that character matters. What they do is who they are, not what they say.

Greed has corrupted more minds than anything else. True hearts of compassion that looks at their nation and says what can I do to serve, protect, and help the people is much better than one saying how do I become popular, what’s in it for me, and personal security.

Leaders who base decisions on facts and not feelings produce a stable and trusted environment. That requires the inner core of the person to be tethered to the pylons of ethics and morality.

What are some ethics to insure stability and produce an equilibrium between justice and fairness.

Honesty – Keeps Promises – Loyal – Law Abiding – Respects Others

Below is a true story of what a real leadership heart should look like. 

Over 200 years ago, a man in civilian clothes rode past a small group of tired and battled weary soldiers. They were digging what appeared to be an important defensive position.

The leader of the group wasn’t making any effort to help. He just shouted orders and threatened to punish the group if the work wasn’t completed within the hour.

“Why aren’t you helping?” the stranger asked on horseback.
“I’m in charge! The men do as I tell them,” said the leader. He added “Help them yourself if you feel so strongly about it.”
To the mean leader’s surprise the stranger got off his horse and helped the men until the job was finished.

Before he left the stranger congratulated the men for their work, and approached the confused leader.
“You should notify top command next time your rank prevents you from supporting your men – and I will provide a more permanent solution,” the stranger said.

Up close, the now humbled leader recognized General George Washington and was taught a lesson he would never forget!

Reuben Egolf

.A nation becomes beautiful on the outside when there is stability on the inside

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