Leading Past the Present

A few words to describe the current times and events would be tumultuous, uncertain, and divisive. Let’s look beyond the reasons that have produced these extremes and peer into what is needed to change the adjectives.

We often say “leadership is needed” but what does that mean exactly? Times like this demand a courage to listen objectively, avoid knee-jerk reactions, and then respond with balance stabilized by principle.

Principles of law applied through a heart of flesh along with a calming voice of stability that begins to blanket the fires of unrest. This begins the reduction of the emotional tide currently sweeping the nation. The conflagration ignited by mindsets that have shortsighted the horizon of anything beyond our preferences has stymied progress. Keeping the debate in the arena of ideas, instead of personal defamation and even bodily harm, would keep society healthy. Because someone disagrees with me does not signal a warlike plan of “get them” at all costs.

A plan for a way forward that not only diagnoses, but presents an action plan for implementing the change needed. Vision promotes a goal and a hope.

Here are a few things I wish were reality.

No one judged according to their skin color.

A whole group or ethnicity judged for the actions of a few.

Humility to accept when we are wrong and change it – not just talk about it.

Truly love our neighbor as ourselves.


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