When Good People Become Passive – Evil Wins

Leadership has the golden opportunity to establish a legacy like never before. The world is going dark but if leadership rises on principle driven by a value for human life, the light will shine again. Someone(s) who will not base decisions on political gaming, selfish ambition, and personal grandeur, but selflessly doing right because it is simply right. If that is you - please stand up! The world is waiting to follow.

What if I’m Number Two?

We must understand it is never a one man show. We don’t make it to the top alone nor do we fail alone. People that surround us provide support by adding to or taking away and thus deteriorating our effectiveness. Quality in our friends, co-workers, associates, and consultants, can never be underestimated. Proper vetting is worth the time and investment that will reward us with success, less regret, and fewer painful experiences.

Maturity in Leadership Goes Hand in Hand Like Two People in Marriage

I'm finding that maturity in leadership is a component of success that too often we never diagnose. The knee jerk reaction when there is a problem with leaders is putting their policies under the microscope and using them (policies) for the forensic evidence of the political error.  Through investigation I am seeing that position does … Continue reading Maturity in Leadership Goes Hand in Hand Like Two People in Marriage