What if I’m Number Two?

Round table discussion w/ Amb. Dr. Clyde Rivers, Reuben Egolf, Dr. Brian Williams, and Dr. Horton in Nassau, Bahamas
Round table discussion w/ Amb. Dr. Clyde Rivers, Reuben Egolf, Dr. Brian Williams, and Dr. Horton in Nassau, Bahamas

Everyone wants to be number one but what if you are number two? Is being second a bad thing?

Historical accounts from the bible.

Joseph in the bible was never number one but he changed nations being number two. He was the agricultural head of Egypt during the 12th Dynasty of the Pharaohs. He literally controlled the food supply for the seven years of total famine and controlled the relationships of nations as a result. John the Baptist took second so Jesus could take first place. John realized his supporting role and because of that understanding he solidified his legacy in the most influential revolution to ever hit this planet. Daniel always had someone over him, he was usually 3rd in line but he changed leaders and nations. He survived and influenced four kings and three empires and never was the president, prime minister, or king, but was a leadership consultant. You can be an influence no matter where you stand in line.

We must understand it is never a one man show. We don’t make it to the top alone nor do we fail alone. People that surround us provide support by adding to or taking away and thus deteriorating our effectiveness. Quality in our friends, co-workers, associates, and consultants, can never be underestimated. Proper vetting is worth the time and investment that will reward us with success, less regret, and fewer painful experiences.

Jealousy is the number one tool of destruction that brings about the demise of a person who otherwise could have been impactful in increasing the forward progress in a church, organization, and community. Not everyone can be number one. That doesn’t mean that number two, three, and four are of no value. Leadership is the power of influence. Understanding my role in a church, government, or organization, and knowing the value of my God-given gifts and talents goes a long way in keeping my mind free from the cataracts of jealousy perverting my vision.

One thing to remember, when I know the success is not about me getting the glory, that my happiness is to see the success of the whole, then satisfaction will keep me in the lane of my contribution.

Whether your title is the CEO or the water boy, without your contribution it will not run effectively. Nor, does it work when the water boy tries to be the CEO. Stay in the lane where you have been placed until another door opens. Many people are fascinated by the title and the supposed glamor it produces in the eyes of others, but they forget about the unseen responsibilities that require work and acceptance of the consequences of the decisions they and others make.

Know your strengths and weaknesses and be content in your position in line. One missing spoke in a wheel weakens it ability to carry weight and remain in its form. Be the best spoke you can be!

One thought on “What if I’m Number Two?

  1. Amen…
    Isn’t it funny how we all look through the eyes of the world as “placement”, but through God’s eyes we are all equal as “placement” just have “different abilitites/giftings/lanes”.


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