Decisiveness – The Product of Values, Conviction, and Clear Vision.

Reuben Egolf Speaks on Principled Centered Leadership
Reuben Egolf Speaks on Principled Centered Leadership

Decisiveness is a necessary quality of a leader. Leadership’s purpose is to be able to make decisions and lead with conviction and resolve. A decisive person is one who does not fill their sails with the wind of popular opinion, but rather are driven by personal conviction and resolve. When a leader is clear about their values and goals; it will be much easier for them to make decisions firmly. Decisiveness creates a calm among the populace, because clarity of direction provides an inward stability within the people.

The perils of indecision.

Indecision is a lack of personal conviction and a not so clear goal in mind. Indecision by leadership will reduce credibility and influence nationally and internationally. I am increasingly alarmed that the political members of our government are nothing more than empty suits. When people aspire for a title and live on people’s attention to satisfy them; when leadership goes home at night satisfied because of hearing applause; who become intoxicated with who they are. Then we will no longer hear our politicians and leadership making decisions out of resolve, conviction, values, and honoring the constitution, but they will become nothing more than actors on a stage. In other words, many of our nation’s capitals will eventually have to be renamed Hollywood!


This is why LeadingNations is committed to this cause. The importance of character, integrity, and one’s value of others, is imperative if developing nations are going to leave obscurity and become leading nations of the world. Let’s concentrate on the quality of our leadership and begin to annihilate the corruption that has seized many of our cultures as prisoner. Let’s return to the core of our charters, founding documents, and constitutions, and revive the existing values of human rights that are already on paper, but have been lost in the interior of our character as leadership.

Through intense leadership training that centers on principle and character and not as much on system and policy – this will produce a harvest of leaders that will not only operate with good policies, but have the character to sustain and insure success. I realize there is no such thing as a perfect nation but isn’t it worth trying to be the best possible example for a world to look up to? I would rather shoot for the stars and settle for the moon than shoot for the ceiling of my house and settle for the basement.

Let’s go for it – let’s change nations!

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