Electrifying Good Electrocuting Evil


When you electrify a conductor of electricity you enhance its function to operate and impact as it was designed. Electrocuting something is the result of overwhelming it to the point you destroy its ability to function instead of enhancing it.

Recently while thinking about a particular nation that has been in the throes of turmoil and bloodshed, I began thinking on this concept. Nothing is arrived at in life automatically but is produced by our decisions. The citizens of this country need to stop listening to the forces of evil that suggest others are worth killing because they do not come from the same tribe. That bloodshed is justified in establishing supremacy of one ethnic group above another and developing a tiered system of human value within the borders of a nation.

However, what brings peace is not terminating dissenting opinions and their free expression but rather the tolerating of others based upon the equal value of people. Opinions are not always to be followed simply because one expressed them but let the idea die in the multitude of counselors but not the person!

If I had five minutes to speak to them this is what I would say. This is your country and the “your” is not one person but ALL citizens that reside here. Stop letting evil dictate your human value system and realize if this nation will be great it will not be arrived at automatically but on purpose by decisions made that produce the desired result.

Begin by looking at everyone you meet as your family and on equal footing. Make decisions to preserve life not destroy it. Battle in the arena of ideas not in the field of bloodshed.

Every time we make right decisions we are electrifying good while simultaneously electrocuting evil. When we preserve life acknowledging their value, then its potential and gifting is given opportunity to be released as a contribution for all.

Dr. Reuben Egolf


One thought on “Electrifying Good Electrocuting Evil

  1. This is SO GOOD Reuben! I noticed that you had begun following my blog (that is set up but not activated yet, due to my being intimidated by the hoopla about creating a trend-setter or zinger of a site and ‘driving traffic TO your site’ etc.). Now, today, I hear the Lord speaking to my spirit, saying “just DO IT” — and it is the fact that you, whom I have quickly come to recognize as a voice and heart I honor, are taking action to hear back… This fact has energized me to begin ‘simply writing and posting’ more there than perhaps in the tucks and folds of Facebook conversations… Holy Spirit is taking me by the hand, saying “It’s time, Mary… Come into the bigger water; I am with you, as always.”
    Thanks for your ‘following’ action! I’ll be populating that place – such as it is – now. Ideas have consequence! This article I’m replying to is a prime example! God bless you!


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