Politicians for the sake of the people–Restore Integrity


I was recently watching a press conference with one of our (USA) leading politicians, and he was pointing out to the American people their need to trust the government again. Politicians shouldn’t lecture the American people on lacking trust in the political process. The people are not the reason for the lack of trust in our government leaders.

What has led to this demise?

Backroom deals hammered out by deep pocketed special interest groups swaying the voting records of our members of congress, instead of them representing the voters. Activist judges legislating from the bench instead of interpreting existing law has promoted a disillusionment. An Executive branch that overpowers the constitution with legislative decrees labeled as executive orders have plummeted people’s faith in our system. It is leading them (citizens) to believe it’s all corrupt and what’s the use.

Instead of chastising a public who is not at fault, politicians would be better served by taking responsibility. The burden of restoring faith in their offices is all on them, not the people they are to be serving. Here is a simple thought. When you make a promise during your campaign – stick to it when elected. Start doing what you say. Trust is always lost when there is a divorce between what a person says and what they do.

Politicians, stop being selfish and acting like spoiled brats. Instead start serving the people instead of thinking we exist to serve you. That’s why you are called a “representative” you represent. In other words, stop acting immature and do what you were elected to do. Serve the American people with dignity, honesty, and a selfless passion. Then maybe the citizens will stop being so justifiably cynical of everything you say and do.

Let’s start telling the truth! An amazing thing happens when we do – trust is reestablished.

The antidote is integrity

Integrity is not created overnight but is the result of being forged in the fires of adversity. When a person does not agree with you on a certain subject, they will respect you because of your integrity. That gives you the opportunity to be heard at all times. Honor permits influence to take place. Integrity creates the opportunity for honor – honor blows the wind of influence – influence provides the movement to achieve the goal.
Integrity is attractive. For example, when a fruit tree bears fruit it does not bring you the fruit. You are attracted to the tree. It in itself becomes a force of influence that draws people to you and your vision instead of driving them away. Remember, a thousand right acts can be nullified by one wrong. One lie can call into question every truth I ever told. Integrity is worth every storm of temptation you have to endure to maintain the necessary influence.
Good Advice
Keep your promises, even when it’s not convenient. Value the making of promises equal to your life. In other words be willing to die before breaking your promises. Don’t speak things you don’t intend to do. Be done with careless speaking by realizing the weight of words and their impact. It is always wise to think before you speak.

Dr. Reuben Egolf

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