Golden Rule Washington DC

Golden Rule Event April 23 2016 Washington DC

It was encouraging to see so many global leaders and innovators at the April 23rd iChangeNationsGolden Rule Event in Washington DC. Over 50 nations were represented  such as Peru, Congo, Israel, Ethiopia,Trinidad Tobago, Suriname, Guatemala, Ecuador, Grenada, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya… and the list continues. The coalition of leadership is growing in taking the Golden Rule Initiative around the world. People leave these events highly motivated and encouraged to return to their respective nations and communities and face the giants of racism, hatred, poverty, inequality, and corruption.

One person alone can make a difference, but what impact would be felt if 50 people worked together for a common cause, or 100, or a 1000? The following story is the illustration I used during the speech I had the privilege of giving in the afternoon.

While walking through the jungle, a hunter found a dead and ferocious-looking rhinoceros.

He noticed that a pygmy was standing proudly beside it.

He asked the pygmy, “Did you kill that rhino?”

“Why Yes” said the pygmy.

“How could a small fella like you kill a big thing like that?” asked the hunter.

“I hit it with my club”, said the pygmy.

The hunter is surprised, “WOW! how big is your club?”

The pygmy replied, “There are about 50 of us”.

Let’s remember this important concept. The change I want to see in the world must begin with me. Leadership does not start from the front of the room but at the back. As we say in America, change does not begin at the White House, it begins at my house.

Thank You all for your participation in this global movement and initiative.

Dr. Reuben Egolf

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