Real Solutions Needed

An Unfortunate Reality

Some people thrive off of division, strife, and the so-called struggle of issues confronting a nation or nations. Leaders of movements sometimes are not looking for real solutions because a solution would spell the end of their importance, financial means, and power. As long as there is a problem, they are needed and can prostitute the situation for their personal gain. As unsettling as this observation sounds, it is an unfortunate reality in today’s world.

Leadership pimping of racial, tribal, and ethnic conflicts must come to an end. Contrary to popular belief, there are real solutions to these problems. However, it takes leadership that is honest, non-hypocritical, and possesses a heart for peace to be achieved. One who is not looking for fame and fortune for oneself but looking for the benefit of all. A true selfless heart of compassion is hard to come by but such leadership is needed like never before. When one of this caliber stands up, trust could be reestablished again between political and religious leaders with the public at large. If only integrity could be revived in leadership – people’s trust in government and religious institutions would once again increase out of the dismal polling numbers we currently have.

Leadership must stop thinking people are mindless and that they can’t discern the motives and hypocrisy of their leaders. The proof they are not mindless is in the polling numbers (in America) that have the Congress job approval rating at the least it has ever been on our history. That simply means the people see through the facade and smoke screens and realize they are being used to further personal agendas and fortunes.

Our religious institutions are not doing much better. Priests, pastors, and clergy, are not esteemed as highly as they once were. Why? The news of exploiting children in unthinkable manner splashes onto the news and trust is immediately dissolved between parishioner and minister. When other ministers exploit people financially to purchase jets and multi-million dollar mansions while begging for more to fund orphanages in some remote place, somehow doesn’t ring with authenticity to the congregants.

Our world is in trouble. The games must stop and we must get serious about the solutions that are facing this planet today. Living in the past is not a cure, learning from it is a start. Excuses will not solve the present and guarantees an aborted future of success. Leading a cause but shifting direction every time a solution appears invalidates our voice and disqualifies us from the position. People are dying as a result of the pimping and prostituting of these issues and causes.

There are real viable solutions for racial, ethnic, tribal, and religious divisions.

For it to materialize, race baiting, hatred, personal gain, and vengeance must stop. Leadership can lay these things down and come to a table and truly begin sound, honest, and meaningful discussion, that will produce healing and peace. It doesn’t end with a conversation, we must leave that table and implement it into action.

Reuben Egolf


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