Victim or Contributor

The health of a nation demands that the majority of its citizens be contributors and not takers. When a disproportionate amount of constituents have a victim mindset, it paves the way for repressive regimes and loss of freedom.  If the leaders of a country, and the citizens who support them, collectively feel like victims of neighboring countries (e.g. border disputes, immigration and crime), those leaders may be more likely to advocate violent conflict resolution or suppression of freedom of speech.

A victim mindset can fall into the entitlement and owe me attitude. There is no incentive to motivate oneself to rugged individualism. They feel someone is responsible for the pain they feel, and the desire for compensation outweighs personal responsibility. Eventually, if the victim mindset becomes pervasive and becomes the majority, then economic implosion is imminent.

The question is “how do you change it?” Throwing more money at it does not solve it nor does it redirect people into more productivity. Actually, it does the opposite and feeds the inactivity. Providing incentives becomes the greatest mind changer. Incentives are the stimulants for achievement and creates a reward system for hard work. Instead of penalties and cumbersome tax burdens when one succeeds the opposite should be true. A proper, fair, and balanced percentage of taxation should be levied so that the profit margin reflects the blood sweat and tears of one’s labor.

When people see that rewards await the responsible and working and not the opposite which is the lazy and takers being rewarded, then a motivation can begin towards the right direction. A nation arises out of the ashes when patriotism and the majority are the contributors and then innovation thrives moving the country to the height of its potential.

Dr. Reuben Egolf

Speaking HRGC

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