Vision Fulfilled or Getting the Credit?

More gets accomplished when people care not who receives the credit. Conspiring and preserving the only entitled praise to one’s self requires an unbelievable amount of time and energy. It detracts from the mission at hand slowing progress to a crawl. What motivates me to work cannot be my desire to get the credit, but rather the mission being accomplished and vision fulfilled. Choose to rejoice in the outcome, not the credit.

At this time when hunger pains for great leadership is at an all-time high, it can be very easy to abuse the trust of people and prostitute the glory for ourselves. National leadership have the humble role of pointing and leading in the right direction while simultaneously motivating the people to achieve something bigger than the inflation of a leader’s ego. We as leaders must never look at people as servants, but look at ourselves as servants.

Leadership, look at citizens like seeds and see yourself as the gardener. Water them, nourish them, protect them and seek their growth. Provide an environment economically and socially that have incentives to grow and prosper. Don’t regulate and pass laws that punish honest success. What a cooperation it becomes between the citizens and leaders when the constituency sees their representatives as truly looking out for their own good. What a feeling to the leader who witnesses the growth of a nation and senses the deep satisfaction derived from their success while his/her own name is fading from view.

Dr. Reuben Egolf


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