A Filter for ALL Decisions

A developing nation that has its sights on a prominent future that consists of competent leadership, financial stability, and a voice on the international stage must have the following filter for all decisions. What will promote human life? What will promote human flourishing — realizing the full potential of life and the freedom to do so? The establishment of placing human value at the pinnacle of the pyramid of priorities is paramount for all infrastructure to be built upon. In other words, what benefits the people and promotes the health of the individual.

That means that corporations cannot pillage, rape, and prostitute the people for rich natural resources. They profit billions and the indigenous workers receive pennies and barely survive. The corporations then take the money from the developing country and bank it in their home nation along with the finished product they have mined. The backs of the native people are broken and impoverished and human value is diminished to that of a machine, or at best, a slave.

This is where the government must perform its duty – protect and serve the people. Regulations should be put in place that demand studies to be made first before the first shovel goes in the ground. Establish rules of commerce and mining. Establish a fair wage for the workers, a safe environment to work in, and a give-back program for corporations to participate in with those communities.

Governments of developing countries should explore and invest in technology that would make them self-sufficient. This helps the unemployment rate and generates revenue.

Africa, you will arise not just to be a voice heard, but a dominating force in the world. The time is now! The solutions are available for a complex problem, and it will not happen overnight but one step at a time, the building blocks for a future shall establish the heights of success.

Dr. Reuben Egolf


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