Is There A Cause?

Populism is at a high ebb evidenced by the results of Great Britain’s recent bolt from the European Union. The political news in America furthers the proof of the angst in citizens who are risking the allegiance to polarizing political figures who have become the venting of their frustration.

Is there an authentic cause to this rise of populism and what created this environment? Yes is the answer without any hesitation. When people believe their government is no longer looking out for their best interests and are showing partiality to immigrants over themselves, then the feeling of betrayal leads to a resentment towards their representatives.

Laws are meant for protection and have definite purpose in providing security and comfort to citizens. When politicians purposely sabotage the immigration policies for fluid borders; a person can’t help but think that it a play for the vote of the illegal immigrant to sustain their hunger for power.

Most people who believe that laws should be upheld are not bigots, racists, or even isolationists, but simply want a culture that respects the rule of law. When citizens feel threatened they will oftentimes resort to what appears to be a radical response. The truth is, it is usually something that has been festering like a boil for years and the explosion of passion seems like it magically appeared out of nowhere. The fact is, that it has incubated and then marinated in the perceived unjust treatment by one’s government.



When citizens transfer from the private sector to government they have to be careful of intoxicating themselves on self-importance inflating their ego to an elite status. Thus, creating two classes within a democracy of the elites or governing class and the masses who are now looked at as serving this minority. We must understand that oppression comes in forms more than whips, shackles, and chains, but also in the form of economic and political enslavement. Activist judges, legislators ruled by lobbyists, and presidents circumventing their constitution will push a people downward into a despair feeling like there is no justice.

If politicians simply be honest and demonstrate a visible interest in the plight of the people – it would do wonders in establishing a dew of calm over the populace. However, if the opposite happens, then eventually an uprising will erupt. Depending on how severe the oppression will determine whether the eruption is like Mt. Vesuvius or a mere belch. These bridges of trust between politicians and citizens must be constructed quickly and openness is the key in the dialogue. Transparency, access, and communication can be a start.

Dr. Reuben Egolf


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