Asking Questions

If I want to grow in maturity I must be willing to confront before change can take place. What is keeping me in a particular condition must be confronted so I can change it. If I ignore the issue hoping it just disappears will permit the issue to continue on uninhibited, therefore creating more problems down the road. If I make excuses and fault others, the same results can be expected and no change to my life or what I am experiencing. However, if I confront the problem creator in my life, and take responsibility for my tolerance of and the ensuing behavior, I now can change.

I use the previous personal analogy to lead into the broader issues of our day happening on a global level. People dying in brutal attacks perpetrated by individuals consumed with hate has escalated to a fever pitch in recent times. My heart breaks at the hurt and pain the masses are forced to deal with over such senseless brutality of their loved ones and compatriots. Then, my thoughts turn to the solution(s) to stem this tide from reoccurring in such epic proportions. To be honest, my mind immediately fills with more questions than answers.

The following are some of those questions

How do you deal with an enemy who looks to destroy or conquer you? How do you prevent a philosophy that is imperialistic and has a goal of world domination? Should the question be dared to asked – is there an ideology that is radicalizing the terrorists?

Has political correctness silenced the ability of those in power to properly identify the evils of our day? Has fear of the offended paralyzed the will of the governing to take a stand?

Is it more important to protect feelings of those who hate more than protect the lives of the citizens? What policies that have been in place for years but are not effective in dealing with terrorism is not working? After identifying these impotent policies, what replacement can we implement to provide more effectiveness?  

What will happen if this trend continues? Does it naturally go away or will someone have to confront it head on?

Just things I am wondering…

Dr. Reuben Egolf

Leading Nations

Key to Leadership

Leadership at the speed of now

2 thoughts on “Asking Questions

  1. Yesss! Pivotal. And who will ask or pursue the answers if we don’t? And how can we ask/pursue in a way that inspires joiners of sincere heart?

    M Chico Sent from my phone, which explains a lot

    M Chico Sent from my phone, which explains a lot >

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