The Silence of Freedom

What is Political Correctness?

It is a form of tyranny that attempts to silence all voices of opposition to one’s ideas, opinions, and forms of expression. It is the enemy of free speech. It is the brainchild of a selfish power hungry few to protect themselves from values, absolute truth, and being confronted by truth. Political Correctness becomes a weapon to shield them from dissenting opinions that could unravel their agenda. It is an attempt to create a utopian culture that has no restraint and no offense. However, in this pseudo-freedom environment, Political Correctness becomes the dictator who oppresses the freedom of expression. Political Correctness defines what is acceptable and what is not, and if your opinion varies and comes in conflict, then you must become a hypocrite and say what people want to hear, but not truly how and what you believe. If I do not have the freedom of expression, then there is no opportunity to have a dissenting voice, thus, Political Correctness is nothing short of being a tyrant. A wolf in sheep’s clothing! 

This is a tool of “verbal engineering” to reshape cultures and nations by a select few. It is a blatant attitude of the few towards the masses of setting themselves up as super intellectual and ramming their agendas through without opposition.

Political Correctness is the hinge that swings the door of oppression.

The greatest blessing in each nation is the opportunity for dissenting voices to be heard and freely expressed. It provides balance and keeps the arena of ideas flourishing with possibilities. Opposition to our ideas can expose pitfalls in our planning we previously wouldn’t have seen because of personal pride or other factors. We as leaders need to be mature and secure, and welcome all thoughts, opinions, and voices. It is what contributes to the health of a society and a nation.

Dr. Reuben Egolf

Leading Nations Facebook


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