Birthing a Great Leader 

A leader who governs must first have been governed. If he has never been under authority, and learned the beauty of subjection, then he will abuse power to build self instead of using it to build a nation. A coddled soul, a privileged person, and one who has not yielded to a power above itself, are all ingredients of abusive power. 

My decisions as a leader must be about the betterment of the whole. I should sacrifice to see societal health grow even if it costs me political friends or financial benefit in the backrooms of underhanded deals. 

The word “I” should be decreasing in a leader’s speeches while “we” should be increasing. 

People are not as concerned with our titles or how intelligent we are as they are with how much we care. 

When a leader’s rhetoric is married to his intiatives and proposals that affects positively a citizens everyday living then national unity begins to take place. When they feel you care and not out of touch and that there is not a different set of rules for a leader compared to the constituents then trust builds and a country begins to move forward. 

I truly believe that the outward function of a leader is not as important than the condition of the heart. When the heart is good then the outflow of action will be good. 

A friend recently said to me “look in the mirror before looking through a window.” I must look at myself and be honest with what I see before looking through the window of perspective at everyone else. When I see my own flawed humanity, I will see others with a compassion that extends itself in patience. 

Food for thought today. 

Dr. Reuben Egolf  

Leading Nations 

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