Tact in Leadership

​One of the most overlooked abilities a leader needs is being able to speak with tact. It’s being able to make one’s agenda or position known without making the opposition feel personally attacked. Its making a point without creating an enemy. 

Tact has a family member known as respect. It’s that which differentiates between the value and appreciation of the person I disagree with and their ideas which are in opposition to mine. My battlefield remains within the parameters of ideas and not the person. 

This discipline requires a confidence and not insecurity. When I resort to personal attacks it means I have conceded defeat and I’m sounding my retreat with a political scorched earth policy. 

People are looking for leadership who do not tunnel into the slimepits of personal attacks, but remaing on issues. Leadership would exude maturity and create an atmosephere of trust by resisting the temptation of mudslinging. 

Redeeming our political process and recapturing the confidence of the citizens will require candidates once again using tact and loving it’s family member – respect. 

Our plans for the future shouldn’t be summed up with how much dirt we have amassed on the other candidate. Instead, may it be filled with a message of a better tomorrow producing a hope that propels constituents to support it. 

Reuben Egolf

Leading Nations

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