Partnership – the Acceleration of Success

Ecclesiastes 4:9
9  Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.
Ecclesiastes 4:12 
12  And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken. 

If the enemy can isolate you he can terminate you. There is no plant, animal, or human being that can be fruitful by himself. Partnering with others is not an option it is a must if I expect to reproduce, multiply, and be effective. Think for a minute, through cross pollination fruit is born, through relationship babies are born. If I am going to be fruitful then I must have relationships. When we enter into relationship creating a partnership then I expand the opportunity to reach and impact more than if I remain isolated. For example, in our television ministry we have partners who financially support the program monthly. Without this partnership we would remain isolated to the community we are presently ministering in. However, with the partners we extend our reach and impact four states because we amassed partnerships. 

What God has given you as a vision cannot be birthed by yourself. 
Joseph had a vision produced by a dream and was gifted for the achievement but he lacked one other thing to make it a reality – partnership. He needed Potiphar and the chief butler in relationship to make it to the destination that God chartered for him. 

Too often we insist on being in competition than being in collaboration. 
Many people fail in fulfilling what God has mandated for their lives to accomplish, because they insist on doing it by themselves. The power of partnership is found in the ability to accelerate crossing the distance between inception and completion. One man rowing a boat will move at a snail’s pace while four men rowing in unison and rhythm will cover the distance and accomplish more and faster. 


The person who doesn’t care who carries the ball just as long as the team gets the touchdown is a person who understands the mission. When one succeeds the entire team benefits. If I am a glory hound and my contribution is predicated on me getting the accolades, then I will sabotage others in my partnership and ruin relationship thus leaving me eventually on the sidelines with potential, but no way to express it. The purpose of the church must be the focal point for my desires and energy to be tethered to. I cannot be distracted by pride redirecting my focus to my neighbor, fearing their success could shield me from receiving praise. The church is not a competition but a collaboration of souls who have the mission set by Christ as their driving purpose of life. 

We must be wise in discerning the criteria of partnership. The five thousand who ate the fish and loaves were not the partnership but the twelve who ate around the table of intimacy were. Notice the difference. People can be in your presence but not your partners. The five thousand were takers but did not carry the benefit to others. A real relationship is a collaborative effort meaning it receives and gives. There are people who live under the auspices of marriage but are not in partnership. They share the same roof but not each other’s lives. There is a stark difference. A true partnership is not me coming to your table and consuming what you have prepared and nothing contributed from me. I may not be able to cook fish and bake bread but I own an advertising company that can help you expand your business. You nourish me and in turn I nourish you through making available the opportunity to profit.  

Unity is the condition reached when people recognize their own contribution is not the whole but a part. They understand the value of another’s gifting is necessary for completion and will do everything they can to enhance others to succeed. This kind of attitude will allow one to rest at night knowing the mission is being accomplished and the purpose is fulfilled. 

Let’s work together and see God’s purposes fulfilled!

Dr. Reuben Egolf 


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