A Little Advice from an Unknown Place

Is it irony or hypocrisy?

On Inauguration Day, the protestors are claiming President Trump is a threat to our lives comparable to the Nazis. Yet, they burned, destroyed, and vandalized businesses and put people in harms way in Washington DC.

The protestors claim that President Trump is filled with hate and yet they burn down the campus of Berkley and refuse to allow a person they disagree with to operate the American  right of free speech.

One Hollywood elite screamed through a microphone that Trump and his circle were the resurrection of devils, and Nazism was filling the atmosphere of DC. Meanwhile, her iconic music  friend expressed her thoughts of blowing up the White House.

This amazes me beyond comprehension. The message I receive as a bystander is… that the protestors are no different than the supposed enemy they claim to hate. It’s okay to blow up, murder, and destroy human lives and property, while simultaneously advertising myself and party as the example of tolerance?

I have found that the greatest hindrance to any message is hypocrisy which decimates integrity and removes the possibility of influence. Once I lose authenticity, my voice loses penetration in other people, resulting in no effect, motivation, or heart-gravitational-pull to the cause I am preaching. 

Many of us believe that wrongs aren’t wrong if it’s done by nice people like ourselves. ~Jason Rainbow

Advice to protestors.

Practice what you preach. Your actions need to be congruent with the message.

Speak coherently and minus the wild unsubstantiated claims that immediately turns people off to the authenticity of a message.

Come across (present yourselves) as professional with dignity and character instead of uncouth and extremely immature.

Engage at the right levels. Busting windows and burning limousines is engaging the wrong people with a method that is repugnant. Take the proper channels and dialogue with those who have the power to change things. Complaining generally is made to people who can’t help you. Take the initiative to operate lawfully and go up the food-chain and commit to the long-haul.

Have a voice of reason. Look at both sides of an issue and attempt to be fair. There are reasons why people believe what they believe. Checking it out and doing a little research never hurts. Because, aren’t we really trying to get to the bottom of the truth and having each others interests at heart.

AND, remember that screaming is a sign of insecurity. Confidence has a calm resolve that is convinced of truth and is not soon shaken by opposition or conflict.  

In closing, there is an old friend I don’t see much of anymore. He at onetime made up the difference when education was lacking, finances were waning, and the social ladder had yet to be climbed. He seemed to get people through tough times and was even known to diffuse a conflict or two. His name was none other than COMMON SENSE. I hope he stops by again.

Reuben Egolf



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