Economic Freedom Worth the Effort

The colonizing of nations by empires we normally relegate to the history books of years gone by. The human enslavement consisted of forced labor and an existence that barely rose above that of an animal. However, the change from that era has taken on a new face but the word enslavement still applies. I’m speaking of economic slavery

“There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword and the other is by debt.” – John Adams, 1826.

The investment into infrastructures of developing nations through development by collaborating business and government is paramount. Independence must go beyond forced labor by a foreign power, but continue onward to self-sustaining economic engines for growth and viability.

When a government can itemize its greatest needs, then it can approach the necessary businesses that provide the solutions. The providers can tailor and strategically target its ability to the said nation’s culture, laws, and strengths. Business employing the citizens through apprenticeship programs and education will produce a foundation for future sustainability for the country in that vocational genre.


I understand this may be slightly vague and certainly can’t tackle the entire equation in one small article but may the dialogue at least begin. We can truly see the opportunities for developing nations to rise out of the quagmire of financial dependency and sluggish growth. It will take humble and honest leadership with a genuine heart for the people. Corporations will have to look beyond mere facts and figures and begin seeing the human component in their transactions and purpose.

Let’s place rhetoric on a back-burner and place action at the forefront and walk into a future filled with hope for all people.   

Reuben Egolf

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