Vision Necessary

Vision is the petri dish for passion and motivation. Direction gives people a purpose which refines their focus to be able to concentrate on the goal. Focus itself creates boundaries alleviating leadership from the worry of scattered directionless employees. Creating a target erases vague generalities that causes a foggy atmosphere of aimless pursuits.

Where focus goes, energy flows

No progress can be often attributed to where imagination has been mistaken for vision because of no preparation to act. Having think-tanks are only true innovators when preparation to act is the second part of the equation.

Leadership can’t make the mistake of tailoring their vision based upon current resources. By doing so creates a perpetual status quo. Vision will always stay ahead of resources creating new summits to achieve. Vision is not a present reality but good leadership has the task of translating vision to reality. Its bringing it into the realm of the possible. 

When a person is passionate about what they are doing, they won’t need forced, because the vision will pull them to the destination. That’s the power of vision in a leader as well as projecting the goal for others.

Reuben Egolf


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