Moral Compass – Foundation of Ethics

The GPS we use to navigate in unfamiliar territory knows the route necessary to get us to the desired destination. Though there are many highways and streets, not all lead to the place we need to arrive at. In life, we do not call it a GPS but our moral compass. It is equipped with a circuit board known as ethics. Our system of moral values provide the circuitry for a moral compass to work effectively in providing a navigation system routing us through life to destinations that are profitable.

Our moral compass is shaped by our values which hold the steering wheel of our lives. These values are shaped deep within our soul at an early age developed by parental instruction, education, and the culture around us.

Ethics shape perspective which becomes the lens which we look through becoming our filter system for right and wrong

Once these principles of conduct that govern our business and government practices are established, the freeway of commerce and human interaction within this culture becomes an uninterrupted flow guided by integrity. The byproduct is consumer confidence grows and citizens learn to trust in a government that truly protects them. 

Becoming a successful corporation and great nation is not the result of a magical explosion induced from the cosmos. Rather, it is the intentional paying attention to the details that success depends on – integrity, honesty, truth, and fairness.

A rocket needs a platform to launch from, a plane needs a runway for take-off, a vehicle needs a highway to run on, and a nation/business needs ethics to build on.

Reuben Egolf

Chairman of the United States Global Leadership Council


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