What is your passion? What burns within you to see accomplished?

When going after a goal, I must have more than a whim or looking at the prestige something gives me, if I am going to reach it. It must be rooted in conviction and drive beyond the superficial. Its the why I get up in the morning and it is the reason I anticipate the next day with excitement.

Looking ahead

Where do you want to be in 10 years? What does it take to get there? Are you preparing now for then?

If I say I want to play the piano and I’m telling others about my desire but I’m not taking piano lessons; that proves I don’t have real burning passion to accomplish the goal. I want the end result but not the sacrifice it requires.

The truth of the matter is, there is no elevator to success. Instead it is a winding stairway to the top. A methodical process of decisions requiring discernment to identify the difference between opportunity and an option.

I have learned

  • there is a difference between trying to force a door not meant to open and pushing against something to make me stronger.
  • immaturity tolerated will bring a demise to my ascension on the ladder of success
  • that purpose is greater than product
  • integrity is a hinge that swing’ big doors for access
  • reputation creates expectation long before I arrive
  • to never treat people as expendable to get me where I want to go

Life isn’t an accident waiting to happen… its an experience waiting for a decision.

Reuben Egolf

Chairman of the United States Global Leadership Council

CAO of Project One Inc a division of ECOSOC at the United Nations

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