Let’s Talk

The value of communication cannot be over estimated. It is the bridge over troubled waters of policy, conflict, and international tension. The absence or termination of dialogue leads to speculation, conjecture, and misconceptions of each other’s motives and reasons of behavior.

I know the political posturing of severing ties to rogue regimes by way of ceasing all communication is to bring a delegitimizing to the wayward administration. However, I rarely see the profit and the goal being reached in such a foreign policy.

The current Singapore Summit is proof of this. I know this will sound a bit unprofessional, but please humor for a moment. Someone finally picked up the phone and made a call and said “Let’s talk!”

We all understand this principle applies to marriage and all relationships for that matter. Communication improves the quality of relationship, and if an agreement cannot be reached, at least, dialogue leaves the separation at an amicable place.

Relationships never grow without the fertilization of words and they never get sprayed into the garden of lives without first – communication.

If there is tension, a rift, or a feeling of estrangement with someone, pick up the phone and say “let’s talk.” I believe you will be glad you did.

Have a wonderful day world.

Reuben Egolf

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