Receive what you Give

Fire provided warmth for millions of homes last night. It also burned down a house. Control matters and attitudes are of the utmost importance. Our passions have the ability to provide a betterment of life to experience for others, or destroy their well-being.

Saturating the halls of people’s lives with our own purposeful contributions reciprocate to our fulfillment and joy. It is amazing the more we channel to others the more satisfaction we receive.

The more lack of control we contribute, conversely is true. The destructive forces that destabilize others because we lacked emotional control reciprocate the very thing it inflicts – misery.

In other words, what I give, I receive.

Think about what you want to receive, then give accordingly.

Dr. Reuben Egolf

3 thoughts on “Receive what you Give

  1. Yes I am, Reuben. Thank you for asking. I trust you are, as well. (I was going to write “trust you are well as well,” but grinned and held back. Couldn’t resist telling you though.)
    I’m in the US again, maybe for a little more than a year this time. I’m working on several books and need to learn the publishing process! A whole new world.

    I was happy to see you are still bringing positive change to the world around us! Keep on keeping on!
    Blessings and great success,
    Mary Chico


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