In these Times of Crisis – Hope

In these unprecedented times of crisis I am noticing positive adjustments in spite of the environment of uncertainty. Here are just a few thoughts and see if you agree or maybe think of more.


Reshapes our priorities and increases value on family, relationships, and decreases value on material things.
Brings an awareness how quickly things can change and the need of God in our lives.
Promotes a “loving our neighbor” mindset in our local communities. People looking out for each other and caring. The little things we gave too much attention to that divides us, now evaporates away to the perspective – it really didn’t matter anyway.
Works an invisible strength within us called gratitude. Thankful for food, clothing, and shelter and if one has these, they are sufficient. Greed lessens while thanksgiving increases to giving instead of hoarding.

Life is more cherished, people more appreciated, and things that matter – matter.

Stay safe, remain vigilant, and be thankful to the One who created us.

Blessings always


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