Leadership for Crisis

The greatest need in times of Crisis is leadership. Politicizing chaos, drawing lines in the sand, for and against, does not create an atmosphere for problems to get solved. Leadership must look beyond the current flame of the moment, and look at the factors that produced this inflammation in society. Are there economic factors,  education issues, home breakdown, This no more solves the problems then giving a person sign language when they cut you off in traffic. These are causes and effects that have their roots in a much deeper problem.

Shotgun blast in rhetoric is no more valuable than turning on a sprinkler system for 5 minutes on parched grass. The only thing that it does is temporarily settles the dust but produces little to no effect in producing life in that which is dead or dying.

People are more valuable than our party affiliations and egotistical agendas. Finding solutions will happen quicker when not forced through a filter of slanted perspectives and subjective demands. When humility reigns and we care not who receives the most attention for success, we have accelerated progress for all.

Dr. Reuben Egolf

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