Sympathy for the Belgium Families


We want to express our deepest sympathies to the families of the victims of the terriorsts attacks in Belgium. Our hearts, prayers, and thoughts are with you.

The unfortunate reality is that when a life is teminated, so is their contribution to humanity. The contribution of medical breakthrough, technological advancement, charitable expressions to the unfortunate, have all perished with them. Not only do the families pay a high price for this loss, so does their community, nation, and even the world.

If a religion, philosophy, or ideology, sacrifices others to benefit oneself, then it has a tiered value system of human life and has no place in a civilized world. People who perpetrate such atrocity as in Belgium have become educated in hate by a philosophy that instructs them in creating a  tiered system of human value. If a certain people group has a religion different than mine, then they are of lesser value than me. If a person has certain amount of wealth then they are identified as evil and lose their value in comparison to one who doesn’t have the same financial prowess. These universities of hate which can be defined as those ideologies and philosophies that determine human value based on a particular criteria. It’s a superficial standard that satisfies my fears and insecurities in justifying the termination of others who don’t think like me, believe like me, or live like me.

Let’s stand up and reducate a world on the value of human life. ALL life is precious and let’s be thankful everyone is not like me. We can celebrate difference and permit it to enhance the world we live in or we can look at our differences as a means of segregation labeling each other as enemies. The choice is ours in these days of emergency that are demanding us to make a decision concerning which trajectory we as a human race will go.

Dr. Reuben Egolf


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