Statesman Needed


The need of statesman in world affairs is no more necessary than right now. The rise of terrorism to a fever pitch, economic instability, and immigration compexities are all screaming for solutions. Level headed and stable voices are the leadership gold needing to be mined to the surface of our global society.

What is a statesman?

“The difference between a politician and a statesman is that a politician thinks about the next election while the statesman thinks about the next generation.” – James Freeman Clarke

A statesman is a skilled, wise, experienced, and respected political leader or figure. It is a person that possesses a moral compass established on a bedrock of principles. They not only have vision but they have an ability to build a coalition to achieve that vision. There is a stark difference between a statesman and a selfish politician.

A statesman seeks to serve. A selfish politician seeks for power.
A statesman models dignity. A selfish politician grasps for publicity.
A statesman appeals to the best in people. A selfish politician appeals to the base emotions of people.
A true statesman ultimately gains respect. A selfish politician eventually receives disdain.
A statesman seeks consensus through reasonable compromise.
A politician achieves his own agenda through intimidation.
A statesman makes a nation great. A selfish politician makes a nation irrelevant.

A statesman does not worship at the feet of special interest groups, financial controlled decisions, and mere opinion, but instead he/she bows at the feet of PRINCIPLE and maintains the utmost value of others. The compassion for the people should far exceed rhetoric and be demonstrated loudly through action.

There is a famine of statesmen and a deluge of politicians. It”s like having a consistent diet of junk food with little to no nutritional value. Statesmen are like cooked spinach. Most do not like it but it’s good for you. Politicians are like too much candy. It tastes good for now but a stomach ache is coming. Politicians seem to be content in kicking the can down the road when it comes to long term solutions for immediate problems. Like a soda can, the more down the road it is kicked, the more pressure builds up. Eventually it explodes! Immediate disciplines are not always welcomed but worth the survival of temporal public vacillating opinion.

Statesman(woman) we need you – please stand up – the world is looking for you.

Dr. Reuben Egolf


3 thoughts on “Statesman Needed

  1. This makes my heart cry! It so clearly shows how far we’ve slid so fast. Sadly, there have always been some politicians in the mix, but the absence of statesmen altogether is abysmal. Drives me/us to our knees!

    M Chico Sent from my phone, which explains a lot

    M Chico Sent from my phone, which explains a lot >


  2. Me too – actually, this situation has me on the edge of my seat. Having prayed and living in quite a state of prayer, I am watching the formation of a moment of high drama for our King. We have history to use as a faith-trampoline: The Exodus from Egypt, that produced high drama in two phases (the plagues and the Red Sea), and several other stepping stones to the Grande or Semi-Grande Finale (depending on whether we factor in the second physical penetration of time/space/matter by Christ the King)… The highest drama we have so far was prefaced in the Passover and fulfilled in the Incarnation/Crucifixion/Resurrection of Jesus Himself. Those events occurred against backdrops of deep darkness and evil systems – even the devil and hell itself – and our Victor’s glorious Coup de Tate in each case was so specific and thorough as to leave no question what was accomplished there. Based on these and other evidences, large and small, I’m filled with hopeful expectation, watching for the Maestro and First Violin tuning up… And that Baton to rise crisply in the air for the stunning downbeat as the world sees what HE has been up to in/through/under all this foolishness!
    I have known for decades that “man’s world system” is destined…designed… To implode and fail. It must, it is built on sand, a house of cards. But I guess I didn’t expect to see it so ugly and so fast. We are certainly ‘getting a belly full’ of evil – to give every thinking/feeling person a chance to choose “The Straight Path” (as Muslims pray) or “The Way” as Jesus declares Himself to be.
    It is beyond refreshing for me to see a thinker/voice at your level with this heart and understanding. Thanks for shining that light within you. It does destroy darkness, perhaps more than you/we realize. God bless you!

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