A Quality that is Indispensable in Leadership

When choosing a president or any person in leadership capacity, watch how they act under pressure. How a person acts in the fire is who they really are. Good leadership has a quality that is indispensable. It must be able to handle criticism without immature responses and knee-jerk emotional outbursts. Leadership carries an expectancy – the person is mature, stable, and calm in troubled waters. National leadership should never be synonymous with political punditry or ideologue. When at the helm a person must be able to gather from multiple voices and educated opinions of trusted sources and then make a quality decision based on principle and truth. Never make decisions established on political pressures, financial accruement, or vengeance as a payback for wounded ego.

Sometimes we have to walk away from the pressures of decision making instead of caving and making rash premature decisions. Temporal satisfaction that we made a Johnny-on-the-spot executive move does not compare to the long-term failure and loss of legacy. It’s better to weather the criticism of not moving fast enough and later enjoying the quality of a decision well-made than the other way around.

Just a little musing today concerning the search for quality leadership in the world today.

Reuben Egolf


3 thoughts on “A Quality that is Indispensable in Leadership

  1. I SO need to share this on FB and incorporate it into my yet-fairly-private blog (I need to build into it some safety guardrails before taking it to the masses…volunteer help has been offered, but as you can see, it is long-time activating…prayer appreciated!). This post of yours is a powerful litmus test that shows we are in deep trouble as a world and as a nation. The slap-dash exchanges that pass for transparency among world leaders is pitiful and destructive. Shooting from the hip was a skill often needed in the Old West – but it is no substitute for expert, thoughtful marksmanship. “Hip shooters” are more often killed in the fray, while doing unintended damage, than snipers or patient hunters who most often live to see another day. The leading candidates running for President of the US have me on my knees and holding my breath. I don’t see the combination of wisdom, integrity, patience, and leadership in any one of them. Some are less horrid than the other, but all taken together, they form a miserable menu for voters, let alone the rest of the world that watches without even the questionable value of a vote. So I pray!!! Thank you for framing this plumb line in words to give scaffolding around ideas and decisions/discussions in the public arena – homes and bars and coffee shops where free people still think and argue together. God bless you, Reuben! Keep on challenging the group comatose mind – call us to sanity in your kind and earnest way! THANKS!!



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