Can’t be Silent

We must realize that every decision has a consequence. When that consequence is a human life, it cannot be reduced to an inanimate object of inconvenience thrown to the garbage heap of disposal wares.

Destroying Superstitions and Employing the Education of Value

Instruction must happen before construction. Buildings do not appear without a blueprint. Before a desired culture is formed, education must be the forerunner. A nation in disarray or infected with warring factions is the product of a culture that has been educated in superstitions falsely creating enemies out of superficial issues. In several countries there … Continue reading Destroying Superstitions and Employing the Education of Value

Education is the Key to a Better World

It is incumbent upon all of us to create an environment in our homes conducive to fortifying the lens in our children to see others as valuable and as equals. Teach them to realize that when a crime is perpetrated on humanity that it is the result of the person's character and not the color of skin or ethnicity.