Reuben Egolf Speaking on Being Effective as a Leader in Transitioning From One Year to the Next

Reuben Egolf Speaks on Principled Centered Leadership
Reuben Egolf Speaks on Principled Centered Leadership

Leading nations from one year to the next is making the transition from a recent past to a near future. Honest reflection over the last year will change our past experiences into insight paving the way for this next year. We can see what has and hasn’t worked, and learn from our mistakes, while fortifying what has been successful. In leadership, the quality of remaining teachable is beyond estimation.One thing that stands out about remaining an effective leader is permitting experiences and advisers to illuminate our mistakes, and we not making excuses to cover them. Naked confrontation with the truth produces the “how” do we do better and improve.

It is a time of creating vision in the minds of the people so vivid like seeing apples hanging from the trees, even though it is not harvest time. Vision is a motivator for nations to aspire to. Once I see the big picture or goal for the year, it gives my inward motivation a purpose to achieve. Where there is no vision there will be a sterile effect making impotent, people’s desire to produce, and a lackluster mood towards the future. Casting vision is crucial for the success of this coming year.

Practical examples of inventorying the last year: how did we do

  • concerning human rights issues
  • concerning equal opportunities for all citizens in the working sector
  • making the citizens feel respected as their leader(s) and truly having their best interests in heart regardless of their faith, ethnicity, and race

After an honest assessment and reflection, cast the vision for the next year on how we will improve on the failures to insure success. Not using generalities, but specifics, and targeting aggressively by implementing changes before the public eye. Why? This tightens the screw of integrity in the eyes of the public which produces a trust. That is a virtue not enjoyed by most governments of the world. Looking at polling data, most constituents have low opinions of their leadership due to the continued “saying one thing and doing another.” In reviewing the past successes in nations where there were high percentages in the polling data concerning trust – you will see that the leadership was engaged in policy making, that came from the inward valuing of the people, and clearly desiring to see them succeed. When constituents sense this from their national leaders; the sky becomes the limit in what that nation can achieve

  • economically
  • being an example morally
  • in technology
  • as a leader in human rights

Principled Centered Leadership will be a stalwart in the progressive nations of the world. The change must begin from the inside. Are you ready to Change Nations?

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