Quality of Leadership vs Quality of System

Reuben Egolf Speaks on Principled Centered Leadership
Reuben Egolf Speaks on Principled Centered Leadership

If you had to choose: would you prefer a good driver with a bad car, or a good car with a bad driver? A good leader in a bad system, or a good system with a bad leader? The good driver can keep a bad car from being dangerous to others, while a bad driver can take a perfectly good car and make it a menace to the public. The point being that the quality of the person has greater impact than anything else.

All systems depend on the quality of leadership for it’s success.

Some years ago in one of the presidential campaigns in America there was a slogan one of the candidates used “character doesn’t matter.” Due to an infidelity that had gone public they were trying to assure the voters that his character flaws didn’t affect his policy and decision making. A question arose in many minds concerning the divorcing of one’s character form their work. If a man is lying and breaking the covenant of marriage, can he miraculously be trusted when it comes to maintaining honesty in his performance as president?

There is not a quick fix but there is a solution concerning the emergence of developing nations as leading voices on the world stage. It requires a long-term commitment to mentor and raise up a generation of leaders which are principled on the inside and reflect it on the outside.

How? Below is an excerpt from a previous Blog as a solution.

Through intense leadership training that centers on principle and character and not as much on system and policy – this will produce a harvest of leaders that will not only operate with good policies, but have the character to sustain and insure success. I realize there is no such thing as a perfect nation but isn’t it worth trying to be the best possible example for a world to look up to? I would rather shoot for the stars and settle for the moon than shoot for the ceiling of my house and settle for the basement.

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